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Scented Flower Candle

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    Beautifully crafted, these lovely scented soy candles are imbued with flowers to correspond with the enticing aromas of each! Available in four varieties, each candle has its own scent palette. 

    Orange Laurel: A heavenly mix of vanilla bean and cardamom with a hint of sandalwood interwoven.

    Rose: An enticing mixture of verbena and rosewood combined with the sweetness of orange blossom and a splash of bergamot.

    Eucalyptus: The sweetness of tangerine and almond mixed with the intoxicating aroma of lily and rose.

    Round Eucalyptus: Sharp and pungent citrus notes combined with the subtle sweetness of rose and jasmine, interlaced with lavender.

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    Scented Flower Candle - Wicked Mystics
    Scented Flower Candle - Wicked Mystics
    Scented Flower Candle - Wicked Mystics
    Scented Flower Candle - Wicked Mystics
    Scented Flower Candle - Wicked Mystics