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Shop for Unique Jewelry from Wicked Mystics

Explore the depths of your soul and uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. To support seekers on their spiritual path, we handpick an eclectic assortment of unique jewelry and unique home decor pieces. With genuineness and style, we connect the worlds of light and shadow through our entrancing jewelry and home items.

Explore Our Selections

Unique home decor pieces: Take a look at our selection of ethereal, magical unique home decor pieces that will bring calm and charm into your home.

Explore our selection of ethereal and unique jewelry, which includes captivating Gothic designs for those with a mystical spirit.

Scents: Indulge in our assortment of ethereal scents that are meant to inspire inner serenity and transcendence.

Mystics: We provide organic designs for Earth lovers in our nature-inspired jewelry collection, which helps you connect with the natural world.

Occult: Adorn your surrounds with our occult-themed stickers and artwork to embrace the mystical and bring a little bit of enchantment into your space.

Tarot: With our assortment of distinctive and alluring tarot cards, perfect for the contemporary mystic, explore the fascinating realm of divination.

Accepting the Wicked Spirit

Discover the mystery and romance of these astronomical occurrences as you explore the seduction of the shadows in our newest feature on total solar eclipses. With Wicked Mystics, learn the mysteries of the universe and set out on a voyage of self-discovery.

Our Highlighted Items

With our Viking-inspired accessories and ornaments, which are designed to harness the energy of old tales, you can indulge in the essence of Norse mythology. Don yourself with the power and meaning of the Viking heritage with rune bracelets or Nordic armbands.


Wicked Mystics
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Just got my hands on a stunning necklace from Wicked Mystics, and I'm seriously in love—every detail feels like pure magic, and I can't wait to rock it on every adventure!


I'm totally obsessed with the ethereal vibes of my earrings and how they effortlessly elevate my style!


Perfect, just like on the photos. Arrived earlier than expected. They look like they are made out of the actual gold.


Nice bracelet, good sized and nicely polished too. The bracelet arrived fast,neatly packed in a small wooden box. Great value for money.


Showed up exactly as shown and arrived earlier than expected. Will definitely buy more in the future.


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