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Finding Your Soulmate

Pave the Way to Finding Your Soulmate in 2022 in Just Three Steps


With everyday life seemingly more chaotic than ever, those who find themselves currently single may find it exceptionally daunting trying to find someone to just hang out with, let alone their soulmate. Before you dust off your passwords or stretch out your texting thumbs, making sure you’re in the right headspace can make finding and recognizing your perfect person just that little bit easier! Below are 3 ways you can mentally and physically prepare yourself for getting back out into the dating scene so that you can more easily recognize your one true love!


Finding a Healthy State of Mind

 We completely understand how monumental that might seem these days, however taking care of that beautiful pile of grey matter atop your shoulders is absolutely the first step in finding your other half. When we’re in a healthy state of mind we’re more able to determine between people who have good intentions for us, and those that may not. So how do you find this elusive state of mind? By practicing self-care in all its many forms! Relaxing in a luxuriously hot bath with scented bath salts, mani-pedis and shopping trips all account for what's considered popular with mainstream media, but self-care also includes seeking out help when we need it, talking with friends or loved ones about things that trouble us, being kind to ourselves even when we make mistakes…the list is actually quite extensive! For some, self-care can also mean cleansing our lives of toxic influences. The practice of smudging has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces of negative energies. The practice is believed to have been invented by the ancient Native American cultures, however similar practices have been documented throughout the world in many different regions. The process of smudging involves burning herbs, usually sage, to ward off bad energy and negative juju, thereby inviting positive energy in from the Universe. Interested in giving smudging a try? Smudging kits are widely available and come with all the tools you need to effectively cleanse your space of any negativity! 


Seeking Guidance and Listening to Intuition

You may remember the scene in the first Matrix movie when the Oracle points out to Neo the wooden inscription Temet Nosce hanging above her doorway. She explained that it translated to "Know Thyself." In the movie it was important for Neo to know who he was as a person to ultimately become The One, and it's equally important to know thyself when you're searching for your soulmate. Learning about yourself can seem overwhelming; after all it can be difficult to face our fears and flaws, but learning to accept who we are as humans on this magnificent spinning blue orb can bring such peace and clarity and can absolutely help you on your path to finding your other half! While there are many different ways to explore what it means to know oneself, one great way is the use of tarot. You don't need to have a third eye to read tarot cards; many readers are able to gain significant insight with only knowing the basics. You can often find that if you're torn on a decision or just need advice, how you react to pulling cards from the deck can reveal your true feelings and can help guide you in the direction that's most in line with your core values. As you become more comfortable with who you are as a person, your ability to sense people who also align with your core values will come easier - meaning you'll be well on your way to finding your other half!


Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

It's no secret that certain types of crystals can both repel unwanted energies and attract desired ones. Using crystals such as these reiki stone obelisks can set you on the right path to attracting and keeping your soulmate! Rose quartz is believed to be very helpful with healing from past breakups and for attracting new love into your life as the stone encourages love, tenderness and passion. Green Jade is associated with all things harmonious and also resonates with the heart chakra, so that's also a handy one to keep around! If you need something a bit more portable for your daily travels, consider keeping some small crystals in your bag or purse, your locker at school or your desk at work to really manifest your deepest love desires!