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Do You Think You’ve Found Your Twin Flame (Or Something Else Entirely)?

How to Tell if You’ve Found Your Twin Flame (And Not Someone Else)

By Autumn Grey


Although the moniker of “twin flame” is a more recent development, the idea of twin flames has been around for many thousands of years.  Why, even the philosopher Plato himself wrote about the possibility of the twin flames in his text The Symposium, detailing how Zeus, the Grecian god of the sky and the creator of all gods and humans, had disempowered us mere mortals by splitting us into two halves, male and female.

So what exactly are twin flames and how can you recognize them if you find yours?

Whereas soulmates are two individuals that come together in a way that feels predestined, twin flames are likened to literally two halves of the same person finding one another, almost like mirror images. Finding your twin flame is akin to finding the other half of your soul in the form of another, someone you feel you’ve always known and instantly having a deep emotional and spiritual connection with that person.

So what are some ways to recognise your twin flame and how can you make sure it’s not something else entirely?

Their Energies Mesh With Yours Instinctively

There are some people that you meet that you just get along with right off the bat, and then there are some that take your breath away with how eerily familiar they seem to you just as you meet them. It's almost a sense of déjà vu except in the form of another human. You're drawn to them and in turn they're drawn to you and even though they have a different face, it's like looking into a mirror how similar they may seem to yourself. When they’re not around you feel like a part of you is missing, and if they're your twin flame, this is very much the case!  

The Similarities Seem Uncanny

You may share similar life stories with similar traumas or you find that coincidences seem to skyrocket when your twin flame is around, that's the power that these two share. You'll even sometimes finish each other’s sentence, that’s how in tune twin flames are. 

You Both Change for the Better

When the two of you are together, deep changes take place. And it’s not even that you try to change each other. Instead, your presence in each other’s life brings out the best in one another. The two of you will have such a deep connection that growth becomes inevitable, the difference is you both choose to grow together. If you both have flaws that you want to work on, you’ll find that your twin flame will want to work on them with you so that the both of you can be the best versions of yourselves that you can be. When you recognize each other’s faults, you may notice arguments crop up, but not to fear! These apparent fault-findings only highlight the changes that you both want to make in order to better yourselves and you may find that this supposed negativity actually can propel you both towards rapid-fire transformation. At the end of the day your twin flame will want to be the best person they can be for you, and you’ll want to reciprocate because you both know that’s how relationships flourish! 

 It should be noted, however, that even twin flames can have a darker side. Sometimes the person you perceive to be your twin flame is actually someone more insidious, and even if you do genuinely find the other half of your soul, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be for a variety of reasons.

Unhealthy Aspects of a Twin Flame

Sometimes what we perceive to be our twin flame is actually a narcissist in disguise. Those that have issues with co-dependency are more at risk for mistaking a narcissist for their twin flame as the two can often be very similar. Narcissists tend to mirror their potential partners to lure them into a false sense of security, so what would normally be an intense and thrilling attraction can soon leave you feeling vulnerable and scared. Sadly, with how rare twin flames are, it’s more likely you’d find yourself with a narcissist or someone who otherwise isn’t necessarily good for you than you are to find your missing other half.

Twin flames can also end up being bad for you in various ways and through no fault of their own. If you’re other half has had a rough upbringing, that trauma can carry over into your relationship and often times that can be very troubling and even traumatic. Understanding that we’re all on different journeys is crucial to being open and receptive partners, and sometimes our twin flame is still on a different path from us and may not be the person we need in that moment in time.

It’s also important to understand that most people will never find their twin flame – and that’s okay! By definition twin flames are meant to be ultra rare and only certain people will find theirs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a healthy, fulfilling relationship with someone else, possibly even a soul mate. So don’t put your life (and love) on hold because you’re waiting for that single, solitary person to come around that’s your spiritual mirror image. Go out there and seek those that enrich your life and support your goals and dreams because, and the end of the day, life is about loving and living, not waiting and dreaming!