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How to Tell if Someone You Know Was Someone You Knew in a Past Life

Three Tell-Tale Signs You've Met Someone from Your Past Life

By: Autumn Grey

Have you ever come across someone in your life that you connect with almost instantaneously, as if the two of you have known each other your entire lives instead of just meeting? Sometimes it's like a sense of Deja vu when meeting with this person, or perhaps like you intrinsically know you can be completely yourself around this person without having to go through the tedious rigmarole of vetting them like everyone else you know. This simultaneously odd yet invigorating feeling could mean that you've known this person in a past life!

Although most of the Western religions don't necessarily believe in or discuss reincarnation at any great length, most of the Eastern religions, namely Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, base their belief system on the soul or consciousness returning to earth in one form or another and living again in another body. Hinduism for example believes that a person's soul, or atman, goes through the  cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth (also known as the samsara) as many times as necessary until the person's karmic value deems them worthy to leave the samsara cycle once and for all. If that were the case, just think of how many people walking around today were people you knew in your past life! 

So, how can you tell whether someone you’ve met was someone you knew in a past life? 

The feeling like you’ve known them all your life

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but oftentimes the people we feel an instant connection with are likely ones we’ve met in a past life at some point. Maybe they were past relatives or friends, or perhaps they were past lovers that we departed from once we died but have now reunited with in this life - whatever the case this person now pulls at you from wherever they are like an invisible string. You feel at ease when they’re nearby and some bonds are so strong that it can even feel like you can feel each other’s emotions or read each other’s thoughts. For many, the instant connection can be electric and disarming. How is it possible to feel this close with someone you’ve only just met? The answer could be that maybe it’s not your first time meeting at all! 

Birth chart compatibility 

Many psychics and new age philosophers believe that past life connections will share birth chart compatibility. Synastry, also known as relationship astrology, can sometimes shed light on whether someone is or isn’t from our past life. According to psychic Andrew Brewer, the North and South Nodes in astrology represent matters of fate and destiny, and the South Node specifically is associated with past lives, so in addition to a strong personal connection, having major points in your star chart align with someone’s South Node — or vice versa — could shed light on the nature of a potential past life relationship.

Time No Longer Has Any Meaning

This one can mean a great many things to many people. Essentially, it’s when being with this person is so effortless and enjoyable that whether you're deep in conversation or just sitting quietly side-by-side enjoying one another's company, time seems to pass as if the rest of the world is speeding by and the two of you are merely standing still. 

Alternatively, it can also mean that what you both perceive as the passage of time is relative to your given situation as well. Have you only been going out for a short amount of time but really it feels like years and years have passed? Do past events seem further away than they really are? Do you ever catch yourself saying "I can't believe that only happened a month ago - it feels like forever ago that we did that!"? 

When two souls find each other again after being apart, time begins to lose all sense and meaning as they begin to reacquaint. As time continues, the feeling of constantly losing time will only exacerbate the longer you're both together.  

No matter which walk of life you follow, the idea that we can meet those from our past lives is both intriguing and comforting, especially in this day and age. Just be open-minded to the Universe and all its gifts and if you've not done so already, you too could stumble across someone from your past life!