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Is Your Home or Workplace Haunted? Here Are 5 Ways to Tell If You're Being Visited By the Dearly Departed

Strange Sounds in the Middle of the Night? Objects Moving From Room to Room? You May Just Have a Ghostly Visitor

By: Autumn Grey

With the days growing shorter and the temperatures beginning to dip it can only mean one thing: spooky season is fast approaching. For some though, spooky season is a year-long occurrence! It's all well and good to dress up as a ghost or specter for Halloween, but what about those that swear they have the real thing living with them at home or working alongside them during the week? Could it just be the wind blowing the doors and rattling the windows or could it be something more? Below are five ways to tell if it's all in your head or if your house is really haunted! 

The Incessant Feeling of Being Watched

There's nothing quite like that spine-tingling, back of the neck feeling of knowing in your gut that you're being watched, especially when you know you're the only living soul around. When it's late at night especially and you get that prickly feeling your heart begins to beat faster and you can't help but dart your eyes this way and that looking for the culprit. While the experience alone cannot dictate whether or not you have a ghostly presence in your home, oftentimes those that have reported being haunted have indicated that they felt watched constantly even though no-one else was around. Some even report changes in the temperature of the room that they're in or can even feel what could be described as a wisp of freezing cold air surrounding them even when all the doors and windows are shut. Perhaps not the most tell-tale sign of a pernicious poltergeist but definitely one of the top claims for those plagued by the dearly departed.

Unexplainable Sounds

Alongside being watched, unexplainable sounds are another odd occurrence to those that suspect their home is haunted. Strange knocks on the walls and windows are the most reported experience followed by music when there are no radios or other electronic devices on in the house and, creepily enough, children's laughter. Many who insist their homes are haunted report that the knocks on windows and doors will often come when they're alone in the dead of night and claim vehemently that no-one, man or beast, could have made those sounds. There are those within the spiritual community that believe that three knocks signifies a malevolent spirit as knocking thrice is said to be a mockery of the holy trinity. Whether this is the case is still very much up for debate, however knocking on the walls, whether in threes or not, is still a very unnerving thing experience!

Objects Moving of Their Own Accord

We've all seen the chilling movies where the suspected haunted house had objects flying through the air in certain scenes or cabinets opening and closing on their own or doors shutting with the absence of a breeze. These sorts of things are what we all come to think of when we picture a house being haunted by ghosts, however household objects jettisoning through the air isn't as common as you might expect. According to experts, only poltergeists are capable of making objects move on their own as it takes a great deal of energy on their part to interact with our plane of existence. However, if you've dealt with doors and cabinets opening and shutting by themselves, objects mysteriously teleporting across the house or things getting thrown around with no other living soul in sight, then unless you have an incredibly drafty house or a clever raccoon living in your attic then you may very well have a verifiable haunting on your hands!

Unexplained Scents

Have you ever heard of the expression "the nose knows"? Scent is the one sense that's most strongly tied to memory, so when you come across a mysterious scent in your home or job that just seems out of place, chances are it could mean that something paranormal is afoot. For many, odd scents are often described as perfume-like or floral in nature, possibly a favorite scent worn by the deceased or a certain smell that's strongly linked to them in one way or another. However, those that describe a strong, pungent, sulfuric or rotting smell may instead be linked to darker forces lurking in the shadows. As always, if you discover strange, unpleasant odors seeping through the cracks in your home, phone up a contractor right away to dispel any gas safety issues or problems with mold or pests first before turning to supernatural suspects. 


Your Pets or Children Can See Things You Cannot

If you've ever caught your dog or cat staring blankly at a section of the wall or ceiling or found them hissing or growling at seemingly nothing, chances could be high that they sense something ghostly nearby. Very young children have also been reported being able to see and communicate with the supernatural, oftentimes being able to name and describe those they claim they're communicating with down to a frighteningly accurate detail. Why pets and children are pre-dispositioned to seeing the paranormal so readily is still to be understood, however if either (or both) are reacting abnormally to empty spaces or rooms in your house, chances are high that you may have a spiritual presence amongst you! 

While these are certainly some of the most common examples of a ghostly presence surrounding you, by no means is it an exhaustive list, and just because you've only experienced one example from the list doesn't mean your home or office isn't haunted! Sometimes these things are more felt in our bones than by anything that happens around us. As always, if you feel that you have a malevolent presence around you or even just a lonely specter that refuses to leave you be, contact a professional within the paranormal or spiritual community and see about having this entity (or entities) removed!