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Are you one of the many people (like me) who spaced out and completely missed the extraordinary super moon on July 3rd? Or perhaps you're the type to want to "collect them all" and want to load up the car and drive out to the countryside for each and every one? Well fellow space-cases and lunar enthusiasts - you're in luck! There are THREE more supermoons coming up and, fingers crossed, you'll be in the know so you can get out there and go see them!

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Do you ever find yourself gazing up at the incandescent beauty of the night sky, drawn inexplicably towards the mysterious celestial body that hangs like a silver orb, enchanting and bewitching in equal measures? That ethereal allure you sense is not just a product of your imagination, for it is the moon that has, since the dawn of our existence, woven an intricate tapestry of tales, myths, and beliefs, entwined with our very core and subtly impacting human behavior.

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In the celestial grand tapestry that adorns the night sky, one spectacle, in particular, has captivated human imagination for eons. It’s an enigmatic occurrence so rare that it has inspired awe, myth, and wonder in every culture across the world. This extraordinary phenomenon is none other than the full Blue Moon. Etched in the heavens, it symbolizes an unusual event that unfolds seldom, creating a profound spiritual connection that we, as inhabitants of Earth, share with the cosmos.

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